Obligation Health

  • It shows the personal state of liquidation risk, when Obligation Health >100%, your excess borrow will be liquidated by automated liquidation bots.

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Collateral Factor

  • The Collateral Factor shows that the borrow percentage of collaterals.

  • For now, the collateral factor is 75% for BTC, ETH, SOL, USDT.

  • This means the borrowed value is 75% (depend on the collateral factor of specific token)of the deposit value.

  • Low collateral factor means high capital security.

How can I avoid getting liquidated?

To avoid liquidation you can raise your health factor by depositing more collateral assets or repaying part of your loan (< 75%). Meantime, keeping repayments increases your supply more than deposits.

Can I participate in the liquidations ecosystem?

Yes, liquidations are open to anyone, but there is a lot of competition. Normally liquidators develop their own solutions and bots to be the first ones liquidating loans to get the liquidation bonus.

Liquidation reward for the liquidator

Liquidation reward for the liquidator will be 8% of liquidating amount.

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