LARIX is token economy for DAO and long-term investment.

Token address: Lrxqnh6ZHKbGy3dcrCED43nsoLkM1LTzU2jRfWe8qUC

Token Name: LARIX

Token Symbol: LARIX


Larix has a maximum supply of 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) tokens, which are allocated to mining and platform users, foundation and treasure function, team, and investors.

[Mining & Pool Reserve] is the part reserve for users to mining and enjoy liquidity pool. The details will be introduced in the following link:

Larix Distribution

[Treasury & Eco-Build] facilitates the eco-system build-up, necessary incubation investment, and partnership.

[Marketing & Ops] covers operational events, marketing campaigns, Initial Lending Offering (ILO) participation, etc.

[Investors & Team] are eligible for 1/36 of the total assigned tokens on the first day of each month after the 12-month cliff period.

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