Larix Monthly Report [Dec]2021

As we are closing the chapter in 2021, our progress will never stop.

Accompanied by our family and friends in laughter, we have spent another joyful Christmas and counting down the days to 2022. Although December is the month of holidays, we are still working hard to deliver, there are lots of progress we want to share with you.

Cooperations in Solana Ecosystem

We have always believed that the Lego combination of products is one of the greatest charms of DeFi, so Larix has been very active in expanding and seeking out collaborations with other projects to contribute to the thriving Solana ecosystem as partners.

Before diving into the projects with whom we have formed partnerships, we wanted to give the warmest welcome to our new partners. Larix is looking forward to developing a strong network of partnerships in the future. Please feel free to recommend a good project to Larix, a reward is available if a partnership is established! Thank you for all the support from our partners listed below.

Larix in Dec: Progress and Achievements

The Larix team had a productive month in December. Here is what happened:

Larix in 2022 Q1: Objectives and Plans

Each end of the year is a new beginning! Take a moment to discover our vision in the first quarter of 2022. The following are just part of the roadmap (We will continue to update the roadmap in the monthly report):

● Larix2.0: Larix has entered the Larix2.0 stage, and Larix will focus on a wider range of metaverse financial services in the future, more metaverse related functionalities will be launched.

● Leveraged lending: We will continue to support the leveraged lending of Raydium and ORCA.

● NFT: Our NFTs are in production! They are fascinating and adorable, you will definitely fall in love with them. We have envisioned many application scenarios for NFT, including empowering $LARIX. We would really appreciate any suggestions from our community as well!

●Fixed-APY strategy is in the technical research and product design stage.

●DAO: We will launch DAO governance, releasing more power to our community.

●Metaverse Fund: Larix will set up a $20 million Metaverse Support Fund to accelerate the ecosystem build-up.

●Buyback and burning plan: buyback and burning have been included in the Larix plan. Please stay tuned for the specific ratio and methodology (such as automatic execution via smart contract), and welcome to participate in the discussion in the community.

Protocol controlled liquidity: Larix will upgrade to Liquidity Mining 2.0, which will be exciting news for all Larix stakeholders.

●Multiple mining rewards: more partners will join us and build multiple reward activities.

Just a quick reminder, we have released our new Slogan: Larix — the first Metaverse-based Finance Protocol on Solana! The era of metaverse has come, as the underlying financial infrastructure of the metaverse, time will be the witness of our incredible future!

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