Larix Monthly Report [Feb] 2022

Hi Larixers!

Even though February is the shortest month of the year, it is filled with surprises and progress. Twenty-eight days is nothing wrong with being short when all you have is progress to deliver!

Let’s jump into the highlights of Larix in February.

Impressive TVL Performances

  1. The steady growth on TVL: The TVL exceeds $250M after DeFi 2.0 Mining Launched. Larix’s DeFi 2.0 mining consists of higher supply APR, lower Borrow APR, no borrow fees and the new 5X/10X boosted rewards system!

2. The fastest growing project on Solana in the first week of February according to Defi Lama. An overall +37.08% in TVL growth.

APR Performances

1. The highest supply APR (77.3%) of RAY on Solana.

2. Inviting negative borrow APR in USDC, USDT, stSOL and mSOL.

3. Highest supply APRs and Lowest borrow APRs on Solana in USDC, USDT, BTC, stSOL, SOL and mSOL.

New Supported Assets

1. Supported stSOL (Lido): enabled supply and borrow of stSOL with a supply APR of 9.10%, the highest stSOL supply APR on Solana.

2. Supported FTT (Wormhole): enabled supply and borrow of FTT.

3. Re-enabled ETH after the wormhole team actively resolved the exploitation and released the incident report.

Internal Upgrades

1. Deposit Limit Activation: further increased its security measures by activating the deposit limit. The deposit limit is adjusted from time to time according to current situations.

2. Reduced borrow rate of USDT and SOL by 50% which leads to a juicy negative borrow APR.

3. Stream sale featured with Socean Finance: offers a chance of purchasing Larix at a discounted price, it is Larix’s first approach to control token inflation.

4. Integrating Chainlink price feeds to provide reliable decentralized price data.

5. Conducted feedback questionnaire to listen to our community’s voice, a total of 5000 $LARIX was shared between all participants.

Partnerships and Integrations

1. New integration with Accrue Finance: Larix’s APRs can be tracked and compared with other protocols on Accrue Finance.

2. New listing on Huobi Wallet.

3. Featuring Collaboration NFT: One Ring released a collection of Gollum NFTs with a Larix limited edition, featuring a Larix logo spear.

4. Formed strategic partnership with Crema Finance.

5. Featured by Solscan’s weekly spotlight.

6. metaCOOLLECTIVE DAO is voting to deploy part of their treasury on Larix.

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