Raydium LPs FAQ

What rewards do I get when I stake my Raydium LPs on Larix?

The rewards earned by staking Radium LPs consists of two parts.

1. Raydium Rewards

Typically, LP fee and corresponding token reward is given. This portion of the rewards are auto-reinvested, you do not need to do anything manually. The LP fee portion of the reward is received when you take out LP tokens on Raydium. The token rewards is auto-reinvested, you will see your LP increase in supply balance.

Hover over the question mark to get a breakdown of rewards.Go to https://raydium.io/liquidity/ and remove liquidity to claim the Raydium LP fees.

2. Larix Rewards

LARIX tokens will be rewarded under normal circumstances. Other tokens might be rewarded when there’s dual mining event going on and they would be sent to your wallet every 24 hours. The Larix tokens rewarded can be claimed at the upper right corner of the Larix Dashboard.

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