Main Pool

Security and safety have always been one of our utmost important core values, we are dedicated to maintain the highest standard of security. We also have a number of different measures in place to uphold this high standard, such as the assets listing creteria.

A checklist of the criteria for potentially supported assets is as follows:

1. Strong liquidity pool, to prevent price manipulation.

2. Full control of token’s minted amount, to prevent over-minting or increasing supply.

The main pool consists of single asset pools and Raydium LP pools. You may lend single assets out for yield, or you may use them as collateral to borrow other tokens. And Larix is the first protocol to support Raydium’s LP as collateral with auto-compounding. You can stake Raydium LP tokens at Larix, or use them as collateral to borrow any single tokens listed on Larix (excluding LPs).

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