By Supplying crypto tokens, stablecoins, and synthetic assets, users can earn dynamic APY interest. The supply amount is flexible, and you can keep supplying based on the low transaction fees on Solana and Quick withdrawals in 0.001s.


After supplying and earning APY on assets, you can then borrow against those assets, as the supplied assets are used as collateral for borrowing. For example, earn APY on your BTC or ETH and additionally use it as collateral to borrow USDC or USDT.


You should remember that 'borrow_value' is always less than 'supply_value' because of the collateral factor. Once 'borrow_value' => 'borrow_limit' (borrow_limit=supply_value*collateral factor), the account will trigger liquidation, and the loan will be repaid.

How to avoid liquidation?

You can choose a small 'collateral factor' (collateral factor=borrow_value/supply_value), the maximum collateral factor is 85%. Small CF means less ‘borrow_value’, but higher safety.


By supplying/borrowing on Larix Lending Protocol, users can get ‘LARIX’ token rewards, in addition to APY interests. Different token pools have different mining distributions divided by dynamic TVL markets.

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