Larix is using Socean Streams to sell bLARIX.This allows long-term buyers to purchase LARIX at a discount.

Why should I buy b30LARIX?

Buying bLARIX gives you a great way to support Larix. If you believe that LARIX is currently undervalued and will appreciate in the future, you can buy bLARIX and in return get a better price for doing so.

How to participate in b30LARIX descending auction?

The b30LARIX tokens will be sold via a descending auction mechanism!And all USDC from selling b30LARIX will be added to the LARIX-USDC liquidity pool.

The price of the b30Larix tokens will decrease over time (from ceiling down to a floor), but people who buy will reset the price to hit ceiling price!

Desceding auction differs from traditional auction, the initial price is not the lowest price duirng the auction process. So you should jump in when you see a price that you like.

The diagrams below clearly illustrated how the descending auction mechanism works.

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